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We are now at the packing stage. I have never been the one that enjoys this task. Fortunately Jocelyn has more experience in this matter. I feel like we are taking far too much. The bikes will be loaded down but what to leave behind? It is still winter where we are headed so we have heavy four season camping gear with a Hilleberg Nammatj 3 GT tent and two Sierra Design dridown -20F bags. Fortunately my Antarctic time qualified me for huge ProDeal discounts .

Plus we will carry a small MSR Whisperlite International stove with a few stacked pots and cooking utensils.

Along with this an assortment of food.  The stove and water purifying tools take up one front pannier and food another. Tools, parts, and medical take up another front pannier. All the camping gear will be contained in Ortlieb Trunk bags  which have a tight rollover top.  In other words lots of stuff. Everyday we try and eliminate something.

I’m still not riding yet after my knee surgery. My new Bruce Gordon Rock N’ Road Expedition bike is on the way. Sure cutting it close.  We hope to assemble it next week. Jocelyn continues hauling several gallons of water in her panniers during long rides on her Surly Long Haul Trucker. I’m glad one of us is in shape. I am walking 10 miles a day while rehabbing my knee.

I found these 4 large duffel bags that will hold all eight panniers and the two trunk bags. A great buy at $19 each. We will leave them at our hostel in Marrakech.

P1000003 P1000001 P1000004

Jocelyn's dog, Yaki, wants to go and has everything she wants.
Jocelyn’s dog Yaki wants to go and has everything she wants packed in her mouth!