About Us

Mike Bio PicMike is a retired electrical engineer after working almost 30 years on the Space Shuttle Program. He then decided to travel and find adventure work while he awaits his wife’s retirement. In between two bicycling tours with Jocelyn he has spent the last two winters working as a satellite communications engineer in Antarctica at McMurdo Station and the South Pole.

My Antarctic adventures are blogged at:
Mikeontheice.blogspot.com – McMurdo Station winter of 2012
Southpolemike.blogspot.com – South Pole winter of 2013

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Jocelyn is an athlete, cyclist, and adventurer. She has spent the last two summers as a camp counselor and lifeguard in Washington State. Her career goal is to lead cycling expeditions around the world. With two cross country tours, a tour of New Zealand, and a solo bicycle ride from college in western North Carolina to home in Florida she is well on her way.