Day 13

Jocelyn Washington to Montana
Jocelyn Washington to Montana
Day 13: Just west of Alberton, MT to Missoula, MT. 50 miles. 4 hrs.
432 miles, 13 days, 3 break days!
Had a lovely breakfast with Jeff and we were off to take me past the pass. I had a hard time convincing him I wasn’t going to ride on the interstate so we bickered for a good while till he dropped me off. After strolling through the small mountain town of Alberton, I found the dirt frontage road and was riding swiftly downhill. I had a nice pace set up until I hit the 9 mile road, that’s the actual name. I kept stopping to watch deer and sheep. It felt like I was never going to get off the 9 mile road. Then it turned into the 6 mile road. Totally confusing! But after a bit of a climb I came onto Frenchtown frontage road and I could feel Missoula in the distance. The east winds really picked up making my swift pace waver. I took it slow. Knowing I actually didn’t want to stop in Missoula, my mind was jumping from relieved to have made it and sad that another tour is about to be over. I got on a side trail and just kept pedaling. It’s what I know best! The dark heavy clouds haunted me as I approached Missoula. But they just sat upon the mountains most likely powdering them with snow. Mountain peaks on both sides of me had snow upon them already! I rode through town and then downtown and felt right at home, all the bikes locked up in front of various pubs and shops was a grand sight to see. Not to mention the entire lane dedicated to cyclists! I found my cousin Mariah’s house easily, right below “the L!” It is nice to see her and reconnect! She has a lovely home with a large garden assortment of all the vegetables! I’m excited to relax and explore this city and am getting anxious for my Leadership Training course with the Adventure Cycling Association to commence late next week! Updates about the class and our rides can be found on this page, so stay tuned! Thank you all for the support and caring hearts. It means a lot to see friends following my rides, I’m hoping I’ve inspired some to get out and tour! After all, the bicycle is the best way to see outside the lives we ‘live’ in.


















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