Jocelyn’s comments on our new book

Jocelyn reading book

Jocelyn just received a copy of our new book. I am still at the South Pole so haven’t seen it yet. I wanted to add her comments from her Facebook page:

I started this journey two years ago and haven’t looked back since. The benefits my bicycle has given me are endless. I’ve seen much of the country and have met many new friends. Without the constant support of my family and friends this wouldn’t have been possible. I thank you all and encourage you to read this page turning adventure novel. For awhile I thought how lame it would be to read about my own adventures but I can’t seem to put it down. Though much of it is written by my father, the corky and sometimes sassy self of my writing pops out to make you sure laugh. My book is inspiring myself! I hope it can inspire you as well. Anything and everything is possible, dream big and go at it hard.

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